Specialty Equipment

We have invested the money to obtain the specialty equipment for the ever changing communications industry.  We have all of the tools necessary to complete your fiber optic installation via pre-polished fiber connectors or fusion splicing of pre polished connectors.  We have the latest testing equipment offered by Fluke Networks.  With the Fluke DSX testing equipment, we can certify your fiber optic cabling faster than ever before, cutting down on labor hours!  With our Fluke OTDR, we can trouble shoot your fiber optic cable, getting your network up and running quickly!  Having the right tool for the job is essential, and we believe owning the proper tools will better allow us to serve our clients. This also keeps your costs down, by not having to rent these specialty pieces of equipment. Below is an example of some of our specialty equipment:

  • Fluke DSX copper/fiber optic tester- Capable of OTDR, Light Loss testing, and bi-directional Light Loss testing.
  • Fujikura Fusion Splicer
  • Panduit and Corning pre-polished fiber termination tools
  • 200X and 400X fiber optic micro scopes- allows precise look at fiber end face
  • 3M™ 710 25-Pair Splicing Tool- multi pair copper splice tool
  • Panduit TDP43ME-Thermal printing, self-laminating cable label marker

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